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Finding The Inner Crystal

Often people say that a particular crystal doesn't suit them, or that they dislike a certain kind. How I respond usually makes their jaw drop and their eyes pause and think about what I have said. I am used to this strange reaction now. For me it is common place when suddenly someone's eyes are opened to the World of The Inner Crystal.

What's that you ask? Well get comfy and I will tell you my truths about how The Inner Crystal World works.......

Imagine a picture of your first school from many years ago, those school photos that nearly all of us have. Take a close look at the picture, is it just face after face after face? Or do you see forgotten friends, teachers, head teachers, school nurses, caretakers, uniforms that dont fit, braces, smiles, unruly hair, ties and blazers? At first glance it is like a sea of faces but take a bit more time and I bet that before long, memories will surface and you will feel a range of different emotions? Laughter, joy, love, or annoyance, anger maybe even hatred?
Now lets take a look at the picture above, do you see hundreds of pieces of crystal similar in size and shape or do you see individual pieces, with rainbows and tiny crystals and shadows and chips, or healers and teachers and warriors, talismans, friends, each with an individual essence and integrity?

Now, Lets see if we can all find a stone or crystal that we have more than one of. At least three pieces is a good idea.

Just to begin with lets cleanse them all under running water and both our hands too. Let the water wash away and earth any excess energy. Then shake them dry and maybe place them on a towel so you don't get water everywhere.

Right place all three in a line and look at them all together, notice the different sizes and shapes any imperfections or colour differences. Now choose one quickly, and hold it in your right hand, note your feelings and warmth or coolness. Look closely at the crystal and turn it over and feel it carefully, hold it in both hands and see if you notice any differences. What springs to mind about this particular piece? What mood or picture? It may be a single word and then a whole picture. Usually first impressions are correct here.

Do this with all three and with a bit of luck that will be your first taste of harmonics! Hopefully with most crystals each one will feel the same but have differences. Some may be so slight that you can't really pick up on them. With others, one piece may make you think of a sunny day and one may be a cloudy day. Another may feel happy and one piece sad.

Each crystal has layers of energy which are commonly called 'Harmonics'. So one piece of citrine that comes from.. lets say Madagascar, looks similar to another piece of citrine from Brazil, But.. although both will have the sunny, properties of citrine they will also have their own personal energy that makes them unique. They will have picked up the properties of the country they were mined in and the energies of the surrounding bedrock as well as energies from the way they were mined. They will also have picked up the energes of all those they have come into contact with and any enhancements that they may have been through. So on the surface level our citrines would all look and feel similar but each will have travelled a different route to where they are now.

Their harmonics will differ greatly and as we go deeper into the energy layers and learn how to recognise each different vibration, we can learn how to strip them away to get to the true crystal inside, the Inner Crystal.

Sometimes its one of these layers that is the most powerful part of a crystal. The strongest healing force. Sometimes these layers are damaging and painful and sad and the crystal needs healing itself before it can be used to help anyone else.

Try this exercise with a few types of crystal and see if you can feel any differences. Don't worry if you can't at first, try some other crystals. Pretty soon you will find one that impacts on you and will lead you in through the layers.

The country of origin has a fantastic bearing on the energy of a crystal. Imagine the differences in a piece of quartz found in a cool mountain stream in Wales and compare that energy to a piece of quartz found in the Sahara desert! Or a piece of black obsidian in the heat of Mexico with a piece found in Peru.

Another thing that imparts a character and individualism (unique harmonic signature) is obviously the blend of the crystal. Imagine a piece of agate. All agates have the same property and healing energy but then take that to harmonic level and look deeper. The amount of each mineral and metal that makes up the colour of each swirl and band of agate is different in each piece. So obviously some will be better suited to a certain taks than others.

Thinking about crystals on this level opens our eyes to a whole new 'World Of Crystals'............
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