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Lemurian Seed Crystals

Lemurian Seed Crystals ~ Special crystals from Minais Gerais in Brazil. Unusual because of their rarity, they were found in a bed of sand and not in the usual rocky quartz cluster beds. Their unique markings are easy to spot once they are pointed out. ALL are Record Keepers, containing information within them that stems from Ancient Lemuria.

Nearly all have Glyphs, Heiroglyphs, or Pyramid shapes and etchings.
All are 'bar-coded' or have horizontal striations. Usually these faces finish in a 3 sided point. The bars are easily felt and look like thay have been lasered onto the stone.
Most Lemurians from Brazil have the 'Brasilian Blush' a pale rosey tint, this adds to their beauty. Some are very bright and clear with no pink at all. A matt finish to some sides is also a characteristic.
It's sad to say that a lot of 'Polished' Lemurian Crystals are appearing for sale now. Polishing a Lemurian removes any traces that it is a real Lemurian Seed Crystal, so one has to wonder....why do it?

They were given this coating as protection so that it would be obvious that they were special, and although in the early years a few very real Lemurian Seed Crystals were polished, to remove the striations and patina in a effort to create an even more beautiful crystal, it was soon stopped when they realised that their power was diminished and that the crystals were not happy.

So if you get offered a 'polished' Lemurian my advice is don't take it, it most probably is a fake!

Caring for your Lemurian Seed Crystals is easy, keep them happy with gentle care and love. Never use raw rock salt on them which is abrasive or they are liable to be damaged. After the great floods of Ancient Lemuria and Atlantis most crystals that have survived hate being cleansed by salt crystal and it's use will do irreparable damage to them and erode the delicate patina and markings. These crystals are best cleansed using light and sound, or by being held under cold, pure running water or of course by cleansing them in the naturally balanced, salty water of our seas and oceans.

If you are fortunate to have a Lemurian then try a meditation with your crystal. Run your thumb over the striations and glyphs and listen to the crystal.

All in all, Lemurian Seed Crystals are very, very powerful crystals. So if you have one then think yourself very lucky and take special care of these beauties. Who knows what information they hold for you.......
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