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Gemstone Jewellery

Jewellery made from gemstones and other minerals can be a wonderful way of using crystals to help ourselves. I'm sure that you all know that different crystals and gemstones have different meanings and healing energies so choosing the right one isn't always easy.

First though, what is the difference between a gemstone and a crystal and a rock? Well thats not always cut and dried. Some overlap but the easiest way to understand is this. Gemstones are almost always stones that are specifically cut and faceted to improve and enhance their natural clarity and radiance and brilliance. There are many different ways of cutting stones too.

Some pieces of jewellery are for occasional use only. We wouldn't necessarily go shopping in diamonds or pearls now would we? Diamonds enhance our moods and so if we are happy, they will increase that, but if we are sad or depressed then they also sadly have a tendency to enhance that too. Pearls are a very soft and gentle energy that would be great to wear all the time but because they are organic and not a rock the pearls do tend to deteriorate with long wear and so need careful handling.

All natural gemstone jewellery need gentle care. Silver can oxidise and weaken if not polished regularly and gemstones can dull and darken or lighten depending on where they are kept.

Often I am asked if it is necessary to 'cleanse' the jewellery. Sometimes jewellery can pick up memories and hold energies of other people and places, and this can sometimes make the piece difficult to wear. One of the safest ways to care for these pieces is to cleanse them energetically with light or sound or to 'smudge' them in fragrant smoke like White Sage or Cedarwood. Obviously washing them in water would possibly damage the settings and the catches and the threads too so please don't.

Please pop back soon for some of our examples of the different energies of jewellery.....
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