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Q. Does man's interference change the energy of a crystal?

A. One thing is for sure... the energy changes as soon as the stone is removed from the Earth where it was formed. From then on the stone undergoes a process of growth, taking in all the new energies it comes into contact with and changing its persona to take these into account. If man then interferes more by cutting or dyeing or polishing, using acids or heat treatments the stone will yield to these new energies and lose some of its abundance until it can recover and recouperate being re-energised by the Sun or the Moon or by water or other energy source.

Q. Is a cut, man-made wand or shaped form higher in energy or lower in energy than a natural wand or shaped form?

A. The answer to this is obvious really? A natural wand will always be much more powerful and higher in natural abundance and energy than any created by man. The sheer rarity of perfect natural wands makes it hard for many to feel their higher energy, but any crystal that is natural will have a corresponding higher energy before it is cut or tampered with, than after. This applies to tumblestones as well as other shaped forms, pyramids and spheres.

Q. So why does man interfere and cut and polish and shape if it lowers the energy of the stone?

A. The energy can change for the better, imagine a piece of rough irregular rock, and then imagine it channelled and cut into a long slender point.. the energy is then focused from the tip, the stoner is shiny and polished and nice to feel and a pleasure to work with. Or a large chunk of rough rock which is then carved into a globe and polished, the energy is softened and diffused and much gentler. There is a place for cut and shaped forms, especially in massage and psychic work.

Q. How does this affect crystals that are cut into cabochons or beads and then used in jewellery?

A. Although the energy of the stone has been changed by cutting and polishing, they still have their own unique energetic frequency and they will be able to help the wearer subconciously, perhaps simply by giving confidence and having people notice and compliment them on their beautiful or unusual jewellery, but all the same gemstone jewellery has a very valuable part to play in crystal healing.

The main benefit of wearing crystals and gemstone jewellery is just that. That we 'wear it'. Sometimes jewellery is worn for long periods of time. Think of a pair of turquoise earrings? Worn in the ear all the time the healing properties of turquoise would be able to gently work within the aura and strengthen the whole person. Perhaps the person wouldn't otherwise have a piece of turquoise?

Or a necklace with a pendant of malachite? Wearing long term it would help the person in all sorts of ways, perhaps with learning difficulties or childbirth? Necklaces of stones that surround the neck can also work wonders even if they are only worn during the day and removed at night. Or bracelets of Amazonite or Hematite for arthritis.

Giving crystal and gemstone jewellery as a present can be a very easy and rewarding way of getting crystals into someone's life. Very often people will 'feel' different when wearing pieces, or notice that they just feel better when they are wearing them. All too often it is the start of a journey of exploration that leads them deeper into the World of Crystals!

Q. Which crystals may help me at exam time?

A. Brilliant crystals for this time are Amazonite and Snowflake Obsidian. they impart confidence and strength and focus mental integrity on the task ahead. Lol could be said that Amazonite boosts brain power, a bit like Malachite too, they both can help to put your thoughts in order and help to ease information retrieval from the depths of those dusty filing cabinets in the brain :)

A pet rock can help too!

Q. Whats a pet rock?

A. Awww its a likkle pebble or tumblestone or crystal that is your friend, that gives you 'me strength'. Great for that extra confidence during exams or driving tests, and pet rocks even work really well for fears and phobias, it can be whatever crystal you need right now, it can be a sacred emotional harbinger of good luck, or a treasured souvenir from a holiday beach. It just needs to be infused and empowered with some special energy that you have inside yourself.

Sit quietly, in a comfortable, warm, safe place holding the stone. Feel the stone in your hand and remember these feelings of peace and happy memories, no stress, no fear, no panic or desperation. You are happy and content. Perhaps rub the stone in your fingers and feel its soothing touch, perhaps hold it over your brow to cool your forehead, all the time focus on these feelings, remember them, wrap them up and plant them deep inside you.

Focus on what it feels like between your thumb and forefinger. Hold your rock in the other hand and then purposefully run your thumb over your forefinger, slowly and remember exactly how it feels, connect that feeling with your pet rock and the feeling of comfort and calmness you are experiencing right now.

When you are ready to leave your pet rock, then slowly and gently stretch and get up, don't forget to put your pet rock somewhere safe, perhaps on a window sill in the sunlight in your bedroom.

Now when you are in a stressful exam situation, if you have your pet rock you can take it out and hold it or, more importantly, if your rock isn't with you, you can just use the crystal vibration that will now be imprinted into your forefinger and thumb and when you stimulate that energy between them you will be able to draw on that calmness and stressfree environment and within seconds you will feel calmer and more able to carry on.

This method can also be used for triggering memory if a Clear Quartz crystal is held whilst revising, or the pet rock can be chosen and then given to another and the method explained and passed on. There is more about this in the Crystal Vibrations Course coming soon.

Q. How do I make a Crystal Medicine Wheel?

A. There are many ways, here are a few pictures of a few crystal wheels and mandalas I have made recently for other sites, the stones chosen all have a unique purpose and position and together they create a very effective energy source. Enjoy.
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